New Dehler 46Award Winning Dehler 38

Dehler yachts handle like racing cars. They are true performance yachts. They go upwind like a bullet train… and downwind they give you the ride of your life.

But they’re also superb when it comes to comfort. They have ergonomically designed cockpits and the best interiors you will find on any racing yacht.

Dehler 38 racing in the Whitsundays

We love this video footage of the Windcraft team racing the Dehler 38 at Hamo in 2014. Winner of European yacht of the ear, the 38 performed brilliantly in both light and heavy airs. Read more

New Dehler 46 – Proceed with Speed

New for 2014 the Dehler 46′s head-turning lines are a result of precise hydrodynamic research done by Judel/Vrolijk & Co, comprehensive input from the interior design team and carefully analysed human behaviour and motion studies.
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Do You Want a Performance Yacht the Family will Love?

dehler 38,dehler yachts

Dehlers are quality yachts designed by Judel/Vrolijk and hand built with care and precision in a stand alone factory in Germany.

Ranging from 29 to 46 feet there’s a Dehler out there for you.

If you’re not sure where to start… tack in front of the pack and take a look at the new Dehler 46.

dehler 38,dehler yachts