Like a Rocket

Dehler Downunder

The Dehler brand has taken off like a rocket Downunder since the Hanse Group takeover in 2009.

The Judel/Vrolijk design team recently penned the incredibly successful Dehler 29, 38, 42 and 46… and seasoned Aussie and Kiwi sailors recognised the unique combination of performance and quality… and snapped the new models up.

Take a look at these great photos of the Dehler 46 Downunder


Cool Performance

Dehler yachts perform. No question. They go upwind like a bullet train… and downwind they give you the ride of your life.

And they’re also uber cool.

The head-turning lines are a result of precise hydrodynamic research, comprehensive input from the interior design team, carefully analysed human behaviour and motion studies…

… and of course a touch of magic flare that only the very best yacht designers know how to deliver.

Family Friendly

Dehler yachts are true performance cruisers.

There’s no mistaking their racing intent. They have slippery, smooth silhouettes, clean decks, flush hatches, recessed cleats, tall masts and swept-back spreaders… which all adds up to low-drag co-efficient.

But they also have the best interiors you will find on a racing yacht.

They’re beautifully styled, luxuriously fitted out and perfect for weekends away with the family.

Team Windcraft

Team Windcraft are the representatives for Dehler yachts for Australia and New Zealand. Windcraft, Australia’s largest yacht importer was founded by Peter Hrones in 1998. If you read Peter’s Story you’ll get a sense of his passion for yacht design… a passion which has steered Windcraft to Europe’s very best yachts.

The other founding principle of the company is to give you excellent service so you enjoy every possible moment on your new yacht. The company has service centres in Australia and New Zealand and an incredibly knowledgable and experienced service team

Ric Hawkins

Dehler brand manager Ric Hawkins skippered his first yacht at age 15 and has never strayed far from the water since.

He’s been involved in almost every international sailing regatta and represented Australia in Admiral’s Cups, from dinghies up to high performance yachts.

In Ric’s words

“Dehlers are fantastic performance yachts with the best interiors you’ll find on any production racing yacht. In my role, I’m part of a team helping our customers find the right yacht for them.

It’s not just a sale, I’m there for the life of the ownership”.

If you want to achieve great things in racing or just set your Dehler up for comfortable, fast cruising… Ric will help you make it happen!

Dom Lowe

Dom Lowe is Team Windcraft’s New Zealand manager. With many years of experience and multiple global boat shows under his belt, Dom was offered his dream job by Peter Hrones in 2011.

For Dom as well as loving the Dehler Brand – it’s also about the people. He loves introducing buyers to their new lifestyle and enjoys lasting relationships with new owners, often joining them for a day of racing or cruising.

“There is nothing like representing a product that you genuinely believe in and that you are genuinely proud of.  Put this together with one of the most beautiful and pristine marine playgrounds in the world and you have a Stella combination.

Meeting new prospective Dehler clients is very exciting… I know what a fantastic life changing journey they are about to start out on!”

As a proud member of the Windcraft team, Dom is impressed by the ethical and positive ethos of the company.

‘Windcraft have incredible integrity and do things right or not at all. There’s no corner cutting or penny pinching.’