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Dehler 34 Launch and Final Tests


Behind-the-Scenes at the Dehler Shipyard

Every development stage of a new yacht build is exciting. But it’s especially exciting when the yacht is taken to the water for the first time. Today we take a look behind-the-scenes as the newest Dehler undergoes extensive testing and finally hits the water.

The Perfect Test Day

Sunshine, a gentle breeze, 22 degrees air and 19 degrees water temperature… in the words of the Dehler team – “the perfect day to make history”.

The forecourt in front of the busy production hall is bustling with activity. Yachts are arranged, masts are driven from A to B, parts are being delivered but today is no ordinary day at the shipyard.  It’s launch day for the new Dehler 34.

She is gently loaded onto a trailer and driven to the port. It’s a historic moment as Kalle Dehler gives the command to lower her into the water….

And for the first time she floats.

The Perfect Blend

After the launch, the new Dehler gets her rig.  She is the the perfect blend of performance and cruising yacht. The competition rudder and sportive rig stands in contrast to fine teak and extensive equipment.

New Dehler yachts are designed on the computer and virtually tested. So it is a momentous occasion when they are physically tested on the water for the first time.  Raoul Bajorat, chief developer of Dehler says – “The real circumstances at sea can never be simulated by a computer. Moreover, we have to sail the new yacht to test the ideas, we have implemented on the computer, in the real world.”


Built by Sailors for Sailors

The new Dehler 34 is built like all Dehler yachts, by sailors for sailors.

Thanks to the optimal location of the Dehler shipyard each new yacht can be tested on the spot on domestic waters.

So how did the new Dehler 34 go with her rigorous tests?


The Verdict

In the words of Kalle Dehler…

“The local water is an ideal test track. The short steep waves were not a problem for the new yacht and she sailed very stable and remained surprisingly dry.

Due to the extremely rigid hull and stable rig the wind forces are transmitted directly to the yacht. The new Dehler 34 is a high-tech yacht through and through. It’s impressive what’s happened in the last decades of yacht building.”

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