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Dehler Carbon Rigs

“Anyone who wants to win generally goes carbon”

Ric Hawkins talks about the advantages of choosing a carbon rig on a Dehler.

Why Choose a Carbon Rig?

In Ric’s words

Performance boats are always looking to save weight in whatever way they can. The carbon rig changes the performance of the boat by reducing the weight.

There is more aerodynamic refinement but it is primarily about the weight saving.

Stronger and Stiffer than Aluminium

Carbon is a stiffer material than aluminium, so it’s less flexible. Overall it improves the rig. It gives you a better drive on the boat and is really fantastic for sailing upwind.

So for example, in a boat like the Dehler 46 you’re saving quite a few kilos in weight. So the less weight you have up high, the better righting moment you have on the boat.

Performance Edge with Style

We’ve just sold two Dehler 46’s with carbon rigs.

Predominantly Dehler buyers are looking for that performance edge. They want to sail fast, compete and do some racing. Not just club races but the longer distance races like the Southport or Hobart. So anyone who wants to win generally goes carbon.

We’ve also sold other Dehlers with carbon rigs to people that want the performance but also love the look, feel  and style of the carbon.

The Difference in Sailing

There is a noticeable difference when you are sailing with a carbon rig. The carbon mast is a metre taller than the aluminium so it can carry a much bigger sail. So a bigger sail area has an advantage that way, especially in light weather. Carbon is very strong and most performance boats that sail around the world have carbon rigs.

So to sum up a carbon rig gives you incredible weight saving, increased performance and usually larger sail area.  I’m very excited because the two Dehler 46’s we’ve just sold are looking at doing some of the major offshore races. So watch this space and look out for them on the race circuit!”